Welcome to Science at Bickley Primary School!

At Bickley Primary School, we believe that Science is an exciting journey that allows every child to thrive and explore the world around them. Our goal is to spark a love for learning about natural phenomena and events, encouraging children to confidently investigate, understand, and analyze the world they live in.

How We Teach Science:

Science lessons are taught weekly for students in Year 1-6, with elements of Science integrated into other subjects like Maths.

We follow the National Curriculum and use the 'Kent Scheme of Work for Primary Science' to plan, teach, and assess Science.

The scheme includes 28 units of work designed to address the national curriculum, with precise scientific language used consistently across all year groups.

We emphasize learning by doing, with a focus on imaginative, purposeful, and enjoyable activities that align with the constructivist theory of learning.

How Children Learn in Science:

We want children to challenge and expand their views, fostering a spirit of curiosity and understanding.

Practical work in meaningful contexts develops investigative skills and allows children to take safe risks and learn from mistakes.

Problem-solving opportunities encourage independent learning, and our Science Development Plan ensures a high profile of Science throughout the school.

Continuous encouragement for children to ask questions and use scientific skills to discover answers.

Assessment in Science:

Continuous assessment occurs through verbal questioning, observations, and marking of children's work.

Each unit concludes with a review of key words, allowing teachers to gauge progress.

The 'Proof of Progress’ tasks help identify children working above or below expectations.

Our Science teaching has a positive impact as we:

Build on children's natural curiosity.

Ensure children have excellent scientific knowledge and can confidently apply scientific skills.

Stimulate investigation, questioning, and the development of a scientific attitude.

Foster the ability to communicate ideas using appropriate scientific language and evaluate findings.

We monitor our success through book reviews, observations, and regular discussions with staff.

We hope you can join us on this exciting scientific journey at Bickley Primary School!

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Science Overview

Year Grp Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Seasonal change Everyday materials  

Animals including humans


Year 2 All living things and their habitats   Uses of everyday materials   Animals including humans Plants
Year 3 Rocks Light Forces and magnets Plants Plants Animals including humans
Year 4 Electricity States of matter Sound Sound Animals including humans All living things
Year 5 Earth and Space Forces Properties and changes of materials Properties and changes of materials Animals including humans Living things and their habitats
Year 6 All living things (Classification) Electricity Evolution and inheritance

Animals including humans



Science Vocab

Skills ProgressionKnowledge Progression