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The Governors at Bickley Primary School have adopted the 2021/2022 Admission Policy as follows:


NEST Admissions policy for 2023-24


The appeals timetable for 2023/24 are available to view here

The approved admissions number for Bickley Primary School is 60 (maximum of 30 in each class).

The published admissions number is inclusive of pupils with a statement of special educational needs that are admitted to the School pursuant to the School being named in part 4 of their statement or Education, Health and Care Plan.

Where the admissions limit would be exceeded by admitting all applicants, our admissions criteria are (in the numbered order of the criteria) to pupils as follows:

  1. Looked after children
  2. Acute medical or social needs
  3. Sibling - Children with a brother or sister already at Bickley Primary School
  4. Children of members of staff
  5. Proximity of home in relation to school

In Year Admissions

Applications made at other times as pupils transfer between schools for whatever reason are known as in-year admissions.

All applications for in-year admissions will be coordinated by the Local Authority. Parents seeking a place for their child in other years should apply in writing to the Local Authority. When a vacancy occurs it will be allocated in accordance with the criteria for KS1 admissions (maximum of 30 within each class).

Making an application for In year admission

Visits to the School

In-year admission visits to the school can be arranged once the Local Authority Admissions team has offered a school place.

Children starting in our Reception Class are invited to visit the school, with their parents, in the term before they start. This visit provides an opportunity to meet the class teacher, teaching assistant and their classmates and to have a taste of school before they start. Reception Class children have a settling-in period of approximately two weeks when they start, to enable them to become used to school and to cope with the full school day.


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