Year 5

THis week we will be learning about

Week commencing 13th January

On a school trip on Monday to the Horniman Museum! We expect to learn a lot about the Rainforests. 

Writing : Continuing our work from 'The Great Kapok Tree', use of speech, persuasive devices, writing a persuasive letter. Also writing about our trip to the Horniman in ICT. 
Music- Rainforest songs
PE - football and table tennis
Maths - Fractions: equivalent, improper, mixed and ordered on number lines. 
Science - Life Cycles.
Art - Rainforest Art
ICT - using HTML to create a web page, including a recount of our trip! ( see above) . 
‚ÄčRE -Sikhism 
Geography - Rainforest topic - layers of a Rainforest, rainforest locations. 
French - 'Our Home'  
Please note, the children have two weeks to write their '500 words'. We look forward to reading them!