Vision Statement

My vision for Bickley is that we are an outstanding school where pupils and adults have a thirst for learning and leave with the skills and knowledge needed to continue to the next stage of life successfully and happily. Behind that is the belief that we are all different, we are all equal and we will all achieve and that we all need to invest in lifelong learning if we are to be successful and fulfilled.

All Different, All Equal, All Achieve

Elizabeth Blake
July 2021


Nexus Education Schools Trust is steadfast in its commitment to standing up against all forms of racism and social injustice. Our school curricula and expectations help children to make sense of issues and inequalities in the world and we do not accept any behaviour that makes anyone else feel unsafe, unequal or unimportant. School staff and communities help to shape the views and develop the knowledge and understanding of the next generation and we believe that our schools and settings are key to tackling racism and other forms of discrimination. We are fully committed to ensuring our pupils are inclusive, tolerant and active global citizens and will continue to review and reshape our curriculum to reflect our diverse and multicultural 21st century tackling bigotry, inequality and bias.

The murder of George Floyd has been a catalyst for promoting careful and considered reflection about racism in Britain today, and the extent to which it shapes our values and beliefs. Schools across the Trust will be reviewing their curriculum, educational resources, staff training, and policies and procedures to ensure they reflect and represent a positive perspective, so that children are well supported to develop as advocates for equality, diversity and inclusion. We have made much progress in ensuring we have a curriculum of equality, but we also know that there is still much to be done. We commit to working with our community to review and to drive change so that our pupils have the knowledge they need to understand and address complex social issues and to be aware of, and combat, racism.