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  1. Download:Accessibility Plan.pdf
  2. Download:Bickley Primary School Equality Statement.pdf
  3. Download:Catch Up Plan.pdf
  4. Download:EDI Targets Bickley.pdf
  5. Download:External Visitors and Agencies Policy.pdf
  6. Download:Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.pdf
  7. Download:Governors' Allowance Policy.pdf
  8. Download:Intimate Care Policy.pdf
  9. Download:Lockdown Policy.pdf
  10. Download:Marking and Feedback Policy.pdf
  11. Download:Mobile Phone Policy.pdf
  12. Download:Model Publication Scheme.pdf
  13. Download:NEST Admissions Policy 2022-2023.pdf
  14. Download:NEST Attendance Policy September 2022.pdf
  15. Download:NEST CCTV Policy.pdf
  16. Download:NEST Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf
  17. Download:NEST Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.pdf
  18. Download:NEST Complaints Procedure.pdf
  19. Download:NEST Data Protection Policy.pdf
  20. Download:NEST Equality and Diversity Policy.pdf
  21. Download:NEST First Aid Policy.pdf
  22. Download:NEST Health Safety Policy.pdf
  23. Download:NEST Lettings Policy.pdf
  24. Download:NEST Online Safety Policy.pdf
  25. Download:NEST Relationshipsand Health Education Policy (RHE).pdf
  26. Download:NEST Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs.pdf
  27. Download:NEST Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Policy.pdf
  28. Download:Privacy Notice for Parents & Carers.pdf
  29. Download:PSHE Policy September 2022.pdf
  30. Download:Remote Learning Policy.pdf
  31. Download:SEN & Additional Support Policy.pdf
  32. Download:Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Policy.pdf
  33. Download:Teaching Principles at Bickley.pdf
  34. Download:Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures.pdf
  35. Download:Behaviour Policy.pdf