Who are We?

The committee are elected annually at the AGM, which is held in September.  Bickley Primary School PTA Committee for 2020/2021 is:

Chair: Hayley Milne

Vice Chair: Kellie O'Brien

Treasurer: Roxane Marfaing

Vice Treasurer: Emilie MacMullen

Secretary: Lisa Warren


Class Reps:

RH: Lucy Newton-Phillips

ROW: Kathryn Wilkinson & Georgina Amure

1L: Laura Mann & Julie Driver

1B: Ruth Frankland & Sarah Kennedy

2RH: Sara Sarvamaa & Myrto Vrissimdji

2B: Ana Sahra & Katie Lawlor

3BM: Helena Hook & Emma Chapman

3K: Millie Scott

4MC: Lisa Sherwood

4G: Joanna Crocker

5C: Toni Philips

5F: Kelly Yussuf & Laura West

6B: Clare Parrett

6D: Ainslee Wilton

Contact Details

To contact FoBPS please email