At Bickley Primary School, we go beyond the map and help to develop life skills within our pupils whilst inspiring them to do their best for our planet.

Geography is a time for all children to learn about our world.


Our locality and the geography that surrounds the school is interwoven throughout the curriculum in both Key Stages. Each year group takes part in local fieldwork which may include environmental surveys, taking photos of human and physical geographical features or undertaking questionnaires. It is also a time for children to learn about their potential impact, both positive and negative, on the environment. We hope that this will instil a desire to protect and preserve our world.




At its very core – Geography is learning about the world. Indeed, the Geography curriculum at Bickley Primary School intrinsically links to and enhances many other areas of the curriculum – including History, English, Science and PSHE. Furthermore, it provides a perfect platform to explore different cultures and traditions – something we feel very passionately about!


Look at how much fun Geography is at Bickley!