Bickley Primary School uses ‘Power of reading’ to promote a love of literature. It focuses on using high quality children’s texts and provides creative teaching approaches to engage children in the literacy curriculum. This supports teachers to nurture a whole school love of reading and writing. As well as this, we create an ethos of reading for pleasure and understand the importance of reading aloud and creating the right reading environment. As a school, teachers provide storytelling and drama opportunities as well as time for exploring the development of language and narrative; developing fictional narratives; reading skills and strategies; exploring non-fiction and the importance of poetry.

The project offers multi-layered professional development, drawing on the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education's (CLPE's) highly regarded classroom-based research and experience of working with teachers. The Power of Reading project combines the use of outstanding books for teachers and children with an approach to teaching the English curriculum that is creative, engaging and develops a love of literacy.


Why should parents read to their child?

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Teachers use drama and music to bring learning to life. This "active approach" not only makes learning engaging and memorable but reinforces key skills needed for fluent reading. 

Year 4 used instruments to enhance their performance of their chosen poem. What do you think their poem was about?  

Teachers 'hook' children into new texts by having imaginative and exciting experiences. In this Year 1 class, the children had received a letter from Bob, the man on the moon. A large envelope was delivered to the classroom containing not only a letter, but also some aliens!

This caused great excitement which in turn resulted in some 'out of this world writing!'

All classes go on several trips throughout the year. Year 4 were very lucky to visit 'The Harry Potter Studios' as part of their English learning. Not only was this a memorable experience but it produced fantastic and creative writing as well as being enormous fun!

The skills of writing are taught as part of English lessons. These skills transfer themselves into all curriculum areas. These high expectations are demonstrated in all areas of writing.

Year 6 enjoyed learning all about mummification and from their hands on lesson they wrote detailed instructions on how to mummify a body. 


A new (local) Children's Author visited Bickley Primary School to promote her new book.

The title of the book is 'Rocky Rocks and the Colourful Socks.' It is an interactive book which is written in rhyme where children get to participate and help Rocky find his socks in various rooms in the house.

Children were able to experience the author reading her book. They were also able to meet and greet the real Rocky, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions. The children were impressed by Rocky and the tricks that he performed.