Early Years Foundation stage

Welcome to Reception!

At Bickley, our teaching is informed by the Development Matters document. The children's interests inform planning, and our aim is to create an exciting learning environment which encourages each individual child to become a curious and reflective learner.

Popular topics have included;

At the bottom of this page you will find the topic overview for Reception. However, in Reception we follow the interests of the children, often changing planning to best cater for these.

Reception children at Bickley have many opportunities. These include visiting the school library on a weekly basis, taking part in the Christmas Nativity, show and tell, visitors to school and going on school trips. We use 'Tapestry' to allow parents to see what their child has been doing and provide a line of communication between them and the EYFS staff.

We love rainy days in Reception!
We love rainy days in Reception!

In Reception, we learn both inside the classroom and outside, no matter what the weather! 

How can we make the water wheel spin faster? "By blowing it!"

We learn through a variety of ways, working together to solve problems and challenges.

"Look! It's tricky word the!"

Our love of reading stories means we open our children's eyes to the world of literature by allowing children to explore all sorts of books.

Close your eyes. What can you hear?

We share our ideas, thoughts and feelings through carpet sessions and circle times, as well as learning new and exciting things.

"I've found 4 'o' clock!"

We inspire children to be independent learners by providing resources children can access throughout their day. We are working towards becoming a THINKING SCHOOL!

""I wrote my first word!"

We learn to read and write using the Essential Letters & Sounds scheme. We love our Phonics!

"If we all build a castle, we will have an even BIGGER one!"
"Quick! We need to stop the sharks eating our pirate ship!"

Children build their resilience by making mistakes, working together and learning from and with each other.

"This is the best day ever!!!"

We have lots of different visitors which means the children experience things first hand.

"Peek a boo!"

We want our children to be happy, confident, independent learners who LOVE coming to school.

Some useful links for you and your child to support teaching of phonics and maths...