Covid 19

Quick Links - useful if your child is learning from home

Whilst you are working through the home learning provided, please remember that if the work was being done at school, it would probably take longer than when children do it at home.  Teachers have to explain to 30 children and check they all understand before children start to work by themselves.  Please do not worry about or try to fill 5 hours every day of school work.

As well as the learning packs that were sent home, there are many online PE sessions happening – Joe Wicks and Oti Mabuse have brilliant work outs and live dance sessions.  Click here for more information with Mrs Field's Fun Fitness Ideas.  

There are a number of YouTube sites that teach how to draw or create different art projects. 

Please do email us photos of your creations!

Reading – Please continue to encourage daily reading. We have always worked together to foster a love of reading and this should continue even though school is closed.  A number of famous authors are sharing books online and Amazon are not charging for many audio books.  Try to enjoy the shared experience of reading aloud and perhaps laughing at an old favourite together!

Mental Maths – For younger children, keep counting – forwards, backwards, counting on from a given number or saying the next 2 or 3 numbers in a sequence.  In particular, focus on crossing over the tens barrier e.g knowing that 70 comes immediately after 69. 

For older children, keep practising on  TimesTable Rockstars! 

Spellings – There is an excellent website called Spelling Frame.  It is free and is full of interesting ways to learn spelling rules.  It is very straightforward to use as all the content is organised into year groups.

Please click here for more support from Miss Nabdoo.

Please click here for a list of home learning resources.

Working from home: Your Wellbeing Action Plan

Useful Links:

Online safety - The safety of children online is paramount, especially as the use of devices has increased during remote learning. There are many things you can do to help keep your children safe online. For more information, read the online safety presentation for parents (below) and visit the 'Computing' page on the school website for more information. 

Useful links:


  1. Download:NEST Letter March 8th opening.pdf
  2. Download:NEST February 2021.pdf
  3. Download:Internet Safety Day.pdf
  4. Download:Newsletter February 2021.pdf
  5. Download:NEST COVID January 2021 Risk Assessment.pdf
  6. Download:10 Things to say instead of stop crying.jpg
  7. Download:The Stress Relief Giraffe.jpg
  8. Download:Types of Self-Care.jpg
  9. Download:Newsletter January 2021 part 2.pdf
  10. Download:Newsletter January 2021.pdf
  11. Download:Home learning 2021.pdf
  12. Download:Remote Learning Policy Spring 2021.pdf
  13. Download:Addendum to the CP and Safeguarding Policy January 2021.pdf
  14. Download:NEST January closure.pdf
  15. Download:Home learning January 2021.pdf
  16. Download:Helpful online resources for young people.pdf
  17. Download:NEST letter FSM January 2021.pdf
  18. Download:NEST COVID Risk Assessment September 2020.pdf
  19. Download:Supporting Children with Bereavement.pdf
  20. Download:FSM application 2020.pdf
  21. Download:Table of resources for signposting for wider circulation.pdf
  22. Download:Support with Child Mental Health during school closure for COVID 19.pdf
  23. Download:DVA and VAWG Related Services.pdf
  24. Download:Weekly update during school closure No.2.pdf
  25. Download:Weekly update during school closure No.1.pdf
  26. Download:COVID-19 school closure arrangements for Safeguarding and Child Protection.pdf
  27. Download:Reading Activities for Home Learning.pdf
  28. Download:Maths Home Learning.pdf
  29. Download:Free school subscription services.jpg
  30. Download:Free websites and Apps to support Mindfulness and Keeping Active.jpg
  31. Download:Free websites and Apps to support with Maths and Science..jpg
  32. Download:Free websites and Apps to support with Phonics and Early Reading.jpg
  33. Download:Responding to the coronavirus resources for mental health and wellbeing..pdf
  34. Download:Helping Children Cope with Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak.pdf
  35. Download:Allotment Watch.pdf
  36. Download:Mental Health Awareness Week Day 5.pdf
  37. Download:Mental Health Week - Day 2.pdf
  38. Download:Mental Health Week - Day 3.pdf
  39. Download:Mental Health Week - Day 4.pdf
  40. Download:Mental Health Week.pdf
  41. Download:NEST Phased Return to School Plan.pdf
  42. Download:NEST COVID reintegration risk assessment.pdf
  43. Download:May 2020 Newsletter.pdf
  44. Download:E safety.pdf
  45. Download:App information.pdf
  46. Download:NEST Covid Parent Carer Newsletter.pdf
  47. Download:Nature Watch 5.pdf
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  51. Download:Nature watch.pdf
  52. Download:SEND News.pdf
  53. Download:Newsletter June 2020.pdf
  54. Download:Nexus Educational Schools Trust Wellbeing Newsletter.pdf
  55. Download:September Opening.pdf