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For every child, an enriched comprehensive education includes active participation in an arts curriculum. Many studies have proven that a well-rounded Arts Education program has a remarkable impact on pupils' academic, social and emotional outcomes. Here at Bickley, we value our arts program. The arts in our school are embedded throughout the curriculum.

Our Arts programme is focused on teaching specific artistic skills and abilities. Our teachers strive to create diversified and engaging art lessons. 

In every year group, pupils have a variety of opportunities to explore and make art in a wide variety of media. Incorporating art with other subjects increases pupils' ability to make cross-curricular links. Art can help reach some pupils who might not otherwise be fully engaged in classwork, by providing another avenue to do so.

Art helps foster critical thinking skills with its open-ended approach. It provides challenges for learners at every level. Every year, pupils at Bickley participate in many exciting, creative and fun art projects that can enhance their learning. As a school we enjoy celebrating successes and take immense pride in our pupils' work. We display students' work prominently around our school. Arts subjects encourage self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity.


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