Who are We?

The committee are elected annually at the AGM, which is held in September.  Bickley Primary School PTA Committee for 2017/2018 is:

Chair: Andrea Kechiche

Vice Chair: Kellie O'Brien

2 Vice Co Chairs: Sian Proctor and Lisa Sherwood

Treasurer: Paul Stevenson

Secretary: Emma McLaughlin

Voucher Monitor: Kellie O’Brien

Cooking Room Monitor: Ruth Frankland


Class Reps:

Miss Hines: Claire Henderson/Delphine Villamy/Ananasha Rajap

Mrs Dakin: Emma Chapman/Lorna Watson/Helena Hook

Mrs Clarke: Lisa Sherwood

Ms O'Hare: Jo Crocker

Mrs Cairns/Mrs Bradshaw: Kelly Youssef/Laura West

Mrs Bull: Toni Phillips

Mrs Belben: Claire Parrett/Deborah Laken

Miss Baker: Ainslee Wilton

Mrs Higham: Sian Proctor

Miss Harvey: Rebecca Keeling

Mrs Bavin: Britta Wicke/Emma McLaughlin

Mr Chambers: Louise Dulson

Mrs Field: Kellie O’Brien/Sarah Yorke

Mrs Meloy/Ms Warren: Emma Holland/Andrea Kechiche